Welcome Here!

Hello there! I'm Kirsten, the face behind the camera! I’m a Winnipeg-based videographer, but I love taking this one woman show on the road and exploring all over Canada!


My husband Braden and I got married in 2020 and we have a floofy little cat named Anemone (but we mostly call her little bean). I love exploring outdoors, a good iced coffee, true crime podcasts and once I start a puzzle I become oddly addicted. 


I would describe my videography style as natural, authentic and story-driven. I live for the little between moments, the stolen glances and the feelings you want to hang onto forever.  I want the real stuff - the stuff that’ll make you laugh till your cheeks hurt and will make your heart beat faster. I want to film the things that make you who you are, and the things that make your love unique.  I don’t just want to create a film that looks amazing - I also want to create one that tells your story and feels like you! Because there’s only so many angles and poses and pretty locations, and they’ve all been done before - but what makes each film special is the memories attached to it, and my goal is to make those unique to you!                      

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